Body of Work
The Treehouse Guys – DIY Network – Title design and intro animation, done in After Effects.  Multiple layers and particle effects.
Coca-Cola logo – personal project – 3D animation and particle system done in Autodesk Maya – Modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering
Kristy Lee Cook’s Goin’ Country – Versus Network – On Set VFX Director, Director of Photography
(lighting) 3D Modeling Stage (Autodesk Maya) Keying, roto and compositing (After Effects) Particle
Simulations (Autodesk Maya) Digital Tattoo, 3D Camera Tracking (Syntheyes) – Color grading
Gates Corporation – Denver, CO – Automotive – Character design and animation – A Character
called “Barricade” used in promotional material and animation to highlight their products
Remeteas – Product Photography and Trade show graphics
Building Alaska – HGTV – 3D Modeling and animation – Houses and support systems such as Solar Panels, Plumbing, Electical, Construction, etc
Christy Sports- Internal Training Graphics

Ask the Doctor – Web Series – Doctor Who – 3D Modeling (set design/Tardis interior) – keying
and compositing – Lighting (director of photography) – On set VFX supervision – Director

Buccaneers and Bones – Outdoor Channel – 3D shark and bonefish animations for the show
starring Tom Brokaw, Liam Neeson, Huey Lewis, Jim Belushi, Jimmy Kimmel, Michael Keaton, etc….
G-Form – Internal and Social Media Video and Animation
Building off the Grid – DIY Network – 3D modeling and animation (Autodesk Maya, After Effects)
Love Yurts – DIY Network – 3D Models – 2D / 3D Map creation – Icon set creation – Map Design –
Website animations and commerical graphics


Style frame- Web Series – Harry Potter – 3D Modeling, character rigging,Lighting (director of photography) – On set VFX supervision – Director
Full Tilt Poker – Athlete Tip of the Week – 3D Modeling, Texturing, Animating, Rendering

Style frame- Web Series – Harry Potter – 2D Compositing, ,Lighting (director of photography) – On
set VFX supervision – Director
Remington Country – Outdoor Network – Videography
Through Time- Lighting and Cinematography
Ghost Town Museum – Colorado Springs, CO
Thunderhead Website and Social Media animation – Marketing